SMART Benchmarking Project

Contact Information

Carolyn McCannon
Nathan Hoffman
A Golder Associates Company

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Screen Shots

Login page

Members login onto the secure reporting site using the login page. They simply click on the Login link at the top right corner of the main site to get to this page.

Login Page

Member home page

Members first see the home page of the secure reporting site. On this page, they can get the lastest news about the web site and the SMART Benchmarking Program.

Member Home Page

Dashboard page

For a quick overview of their relative equipment performance, members can use the dashboard page. This page shows a scorecard of how all of their equipment compares to others in a single view. Clicking on a cell in the view takes the member to the detailed reports on the equipment and metric.

Dashboard Page

Your Data

For each of their equipment types, a member may view a report of their monthly base data in tabular format. These reports may be printed or exported.

Report Page with Graph

Compare Metrics using Graphs

The metrics can be analyzed using both reports and graphs. Currently, there are six different graphs with more planned. The data are anonymous with letters being used to designate the data series.

Report Page with Graph

Data Reports

The underlying data for each graph can also be displayed.

Report Page with Data

Criteria Selection

The member can select from 13 performance metrics, six reports, over 20 equipment types and time ranges to drill into analysis that is important to them. The site uses an "accordion" design to show and hide the criteria selection.

Report criteria selection

Export to Other Formats

The displayed graph or data can be exported to image files, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, Word documents or web archive files for internal use in further analysis and reports. The desired format is selected from a drop-down menu.


Benchmarking Simplified

  • Easy to use web interface
  • Secure data access
  • Anonymous reporting
  • Submit data in your format
  • Visualize performance with data graphics

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