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Articles and Papers

Standardization of Definitions for Benchmarking- Zoltan W. Lukacs, P. Eng. Original SMART research paper from 2001.

SMART Mine Benchmarking - Pilot To The Future Report on the Pilot Phase of the SMART Benchmarking Project.

Equipment Performance Benchmarking Presentation by Dr. Louise Michaud to the Hauling and Loading Conference, May 2007, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Benchmarking and Mining - Supporting Continuous Improvement Innovations Article by Gord Winkel that appeared in the CIM Magazine, March 2007.

Equipment Performance Benchmarking Paper by Dr. Louise Michaud, Mine Planning and Equipment Selection Conference, October 2008, Beijing, China.

SMART Brochure Brochure giving a summary of the SMART Benchmarking.

SMART Benchmarking Improvement Plan October 2014 Summary of planned improvements for the SMART Benchmarking program.

SMART Equipment

  • Over 40 equipment types
  • Draglines, Shovels, Haul Trucks and Loaders
  • Availability and efficiency metrics

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